Thursday, January 12, 2012

Update Jan 2-8

My year end running break of about 20 days of no 16ish days of no running ended on Christmas Eve with a little Temescal run that turned into a few more short runs which turned into a good few days at Baldy before the new year that got me excited about 2012 training. Running motivation is pretty simple now, but I'm still keeping things in context with how early it is, and how important avoiding injuries is as I build back up.

So, of course my first week was 92 miles and 21,200ft of climbing, but those miles were eclectic: easy last 25 of AC with a fun group on Monday, a bit more snow hiking/postholing on Saturday out of Gorgonio's South Fork Trail, and a briar bleed fest/summit postholing expedition on Sunday to San Bernadino peak out of the Momyer trail head (I was wondering why the trail notes didn't mention San Bernadino peak as a common destination out of Momyer (now I know why)).

All in all, I got a few small workouts in, logged some vert, and stayed within my comfort zone. This week right now has been a little weird with a bout of the flu on my birthday, but more on that next week.

Jan 2, Mon
26 mi, 5400ft, 6:10 last 25 of AC (running time, lots of group stops)

5 mi, 1000ft, :50 Crystal Cove

9 mi, 1800ft, 1:35 Repeats at Crystal Cove
3 mi, 500ft, :25 Easy treadmill, 1 mi at 10%

4mi, 2000ft, :45 Treadmill 1mi-5%, 2mi-15%, 1mi-5%
4mi, 0ft, :35 barefoot softsand

4mi, 300ft, :36 around Brentwood

17mi, 3600ft, 4:10 Snowy, icy Southfork trail to Dollar Lake Saddle, and some extra miles afterwards to shake out the tense ice clamoring legs (didn't realize microspikes were in my trunk the whole time!)

20, 6600ft, 5:20 Momyer to San Bernadino Peak. Steeper than the numbers suggest, also had to do some cross country scrambling to avoid briar horror movie (Saw), and icy cold summit. Lost my cell phone and all the great pics on it too :(

92 mi, 21,200ft climbed


Running on ice without microspikes, don't try this at home (photo: KD)

Post-hole-ing with authority (Photo: KD)

Summit of Gorgonio, just out of reach (Photo: KD)


Tons of briars and suffering, the peak awaits with a traverse to the right of the small saddle and then a snowy left traverse to 10,649 San Bernadino Peak (Mountain) (Photo: KD)

On the Summit, it's really, really cold and windy (Photo: KD)

Some more runable trails down below (Photo: KD)

Nada Surf - Love Goes On (The Go-Betweens Cover)


Alex Beecher said...

What shoe do you use for treadmill work? RC1400 or MR00, perhaps?

Dominic Grossman said...

Spot on, the straight uphill motion of climbing on a treadmill is best in a neutral last like the 1400 or the 00's. The 110 is more built for agility, so it feels a little different in barren consistent terrain like a treadmill than technical trails for me.

Alex Beecher said...

I'd agree. Also, I think the protective forefoot is badly out of place on a treadmill. It's quite flexible, in terms of rock plates, but a bit stiff when toeing off of a uniform surface for an hour. Which is, of course, why there are different shoes for different jobs.

In any case, that's a pretty darn solid week of business, considering most people are just now working back up to stumbling out of bed aerobic mileage pace style base building.

Dominic Grossman said...

Ah thanks, I get miles when I can, and as the spring warms up, I hope weeks like these set the base up for bigger weeks with consistent improvement.

And I agree, rockplates feel natural on rocky terrain.. not so much on non-rocky terrain unless you've got a beat up old pair of 100's..