Sunday, March 10, 2013

Recap March 4-10

Monday: 3mi, :30, 0ft - Easy road run around the golf course

Tuesday: 8mi, 1:10, 1,750ft - Temescal with Josh, Pedro, Elan
+2mi, :20, 1,000ft - Visited the YMCA at lunch, remembered how hard treadmills are to run on

Wednesday: 7mi, 1:10, 1,250ft - Sullivan Ridge with Katie

Thursday: 10mi, 1:20, 2,000ft - Capri-Backbone with Anthony, Josh, Elan

Friday: 24mi, 3:50, 6,600ft - Mount Wilson trail, Mt. Disappointment with Erik and Alex. Erik helped keep it an honest effort charging the climbs. Decent overall speed considering the snow from 4,000ft on up.

Erik and Peter in the firebreak up Winter Creek

Saturday: 26mi, 4:50, 7,600ft - Eaton, Wilson, Studevant, Winter Creek with Anthony, Jorge, Peter, Josh, Jesse, Keira, Sean, Chris, etc. etc. Ran the toll road alright, but the left quad got sore on Sturdevant in the slick wet snow. Hiked/ran winter creek and finished famished and sore.

-Anthony and Jorge on the Toll Road
-Keira and Jesse about to bag Mt. Wilson

Sunday: 16mi, 2:40, 3,700ft - Monrovia Canyon up to the ridge and back with Sean, Keira, Jesse, Josh, Katie, Michael, etc. Felt sore, but climbed decently on some gradual terrain. Felt a bit stiff returning on the singletrack, quad should feel better tomorrow.
 +4mi, :40, 0ft - Easy run around the golf course in minimus, felt alright

100mi, 23,900ft, 16:20

I built some confidence to go into tapering for Old Goats. All the people I ran with this week pushed me to keep running a little harder and put a little more quality in which shows in the raw numbers for this week. I think the structure of my year thus far has been a bit more ideal for setting me up for a better performance at Old Goats than last year. I feel like I have a bit more endurance, a bit more speed, and a little bit better nutrition. I'll hit one more workout this week if my quad comes back around, and then start easing into a guarded taper (extra sleep, shorter runs, but nothing too slow).

Family of the Year - Chugjug
(I remember seeing these guys with Little Dragon at the Avalaon and Sim dancing really hard.. good tune)


Paul G said...

Awesome week man!

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