Friday, March 22, 2013

Pre-Old Goats

March 11-17

Mon: Off-letting some tendonitis in my knee/shin chill out

Tues: 9mi, 1:25, 2000ft temescal, past green peak

Wed: 7mi, 1:10, 1250ft, sullivan ridge with katie, knee/shin sore again

Thurs: 3mi, :30, 500ft, baldwin hills overlook, knee less stiff

Fri: 5mi, :50, 0ft, soft sand, knee iffy
PM: 6mi, :50, 1000ft, Sullivan and Luna with the 1010v2. Solid shoe
Luna Loop

Sat: 7mi, :75, 2750ft, half way up bear cyn at near FKT pace (49v47). I've felt this distinct attraction to the route ever since my first ascent. I've never felt in control and confident though as the grade can easily rip my quads to pieces in a matter of a couple miles. However Saturday, I decided to go out and just run hard to the halfway point at Split rock as a taper workout. I crossed the stream in just under 23 and knew that was "slow" but actually pretty decent for me and I felt great. The switchbacks on the east face are never easy, but I got into a good run-hike rhythm where I actually felt in control for the first time on that trail. I hiked hard when I needed to and ran when the trail gave me a chance. :49 is a PR to Split Rock by 5 minutes, and there's not way to accurately guess my time to the top, but if I'd have to make an honest guess, I'd say I could've done the next section in :55 or so and hit a 1:42 (former PR 1:49). The FKT is 1:36 but I think there's opportunity for my legs to continue getting faster and ready for that level of a low 1:30 providing my training goes to plan this spring.

East Face
   Finishing off the East Face, Ice House Canyon Below

Sun: 10mi, :70, 0ft running around pacing people at LA marathon, lots of fun and a little bit of speed work keeping up with marathoners speeding down San V

Total: 47mi, 6:10, 7,500ft

Lots of taper to get the shin/knee back to race shape. Honestly I don't know if all the tapering has helped or not, it certainly has it hurt it and I feel energetic this week. Yet, I'm not sure if there's going to be 20 or 30 or 50 good miles in it tomorrow.

I've ran a good bit with Jorge and Chris the last few weeks, and I can say that we've all got a blend of good fitness and injuries going into it. Any combination could happen tomorrow, and I would feel like anyone pulling out the win would be obvious in hindsight. Jorge with 140 mile weeks and hammering Chris and I out on the Mt. D course, Chris with a strong run at Bandit and 100 mile weeks, and me with a strong 100 mile week and a PR at Baldy last week (plus I actually feel energetic for the first time in a few weeks). After the race, I know people will say they saw it coming for the winner, their training, their determination, etc. etc. but right now it's pretty ambiguous amongst the three of us.

Let me preface the song selection this week with this analogy: I feel like my running's been the same song for the past few years (which both these videos are Toro y Moi - You Hid) and they are like the songs, earnest, meaningful, beautiful.. But I think I'm coming into a more complete state of all my muscles starting to line up through yoga and running with more people to the point of sounding more complete. (I like the second version a lot more).

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