Wednesday, March 6, 2013

2 week recap

Feb 18-24
58 miles, 10,500 feet
Race week, took it easy. Had a bit of jetlag from a redeye on Thursday night over to North Carolina. Felt tired but had decent results for as lethargic as I felt, 3rd in 5:02 recapped in full on the Injinji blog.

Feb 25-Mar 3
69mi, 13,000 feet.
The technical trails of Mt. Mitchell hammered my ankles and quads. As a minimalist runner, I have to admit running hard when you're tired is particularly tough on the body. I had fun last Saturday running the Mt. Disappointment 50k course with a bunch of people including Chris, Jorge, and Erik pushing the pace on the climbs. I purposely wore the 1210's to keep myself from getting carried away chasing them, but I still put out a good effort on the climbs for as sore as I felt. Jorge and Chris should be sharp for Old Goats in a couple weeks.. My goal for the next two weeks to carefully increase the mileage and work in a couple fast workouts to build back confidence for Old Goats. I've felt like I've had a 2 week lull in performance since the last Big Baz 21k which felt particularly rough.. 

I've been digging this everytime Garth Trinidad's been playing it:

Ian Pooley - 1983 feat Hogni Eglitsson

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