Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weekly Update

Headed off tonight to race at the Mt. Mitchell Challenge (40ish mi, there might be some weather forcing the course to be a few miles shorter).

I ran a bit hard last night and was spent by the Saturday Showdown at Bluejay, so I started the taper on a pretty tired note, but know that I've worked hard for the past 6 weeks to run well this weekend. Mackey also found a way into the race and will be throwing down with me, so it'll be a proper suffer-fest to place well. Should be fun as long as we get to summit in the 6" of snow up top.

Feb 11-17
52mi, 11,200ft (3 workouts)

Ben Gibbard - Something's Rattling


William said...

Best of luck this weekend. Glad to see you are heading this way. You will really enjoy those trails, especially coming up MM.

Chris Price said...

Good luck Bro!

Waverlley said...

Nice, I will read more and maybe start practicing :D Thanks man