Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weekly Recap Feb 4-10

Monday: 7mi, 300ft, :60, easy roads

Tues: 5mi, 0ft, :40 - 1mi WU, 4x800m 2:45-2:55, easy tempo-like speedwork to shake the soreness off from Ray Miller 50k

Wed: 6mi, 1000ft, :60 - Will Rodgers easy PM

Thurs: 10mi, 1700ft, :80 - Westridge/Sullivan loop plus extra with Josh

Fri: 24mi, 3,500ft, 5:15 - Heavy and Light loop: El Prieto to Brown Mtn to abandoned Ken Burton Trail, downclimbed the dam, and back to el prieto for a loop up brown mountain.

The tricky wet downclimb

Sat: 24mi, 8,000ft, 4:30 - Mt. Wilson Trail, Rim Trail, Sturdevant, Mt. Zion, Winter Creek with Jesse Barragan, Katie, and Sada. Beautiful day post snow, not too slow, only 2-3"

Jesse and Panda on Mt. Wilson with Baldy and Badden Powell in the background

Sun: 15mi, 2,000, 2:20 - Easy recovery day at Chilao up the Silver Moccasin trail to Three Points and back on the AC route.

Mt. Hilyer, Winter-mode. It's at least 60 degrees warmer in early August

Week Total:
91 miles, 16,500ft, 16:05

Got some mileage in before having to cool off a bit for Mt. Mitchell. Definitely excited to race in snow next weekend.

Matt Costa - Early November (live)

Really enjoying the new album. Solid musician.

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