Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekly Update Oct 10-16

Many bands at one point or another in their career will go back and record acoustic versions of their best songs to give the world a more clear view of the core of those individual songs. Though the production version may have some great horn/drum/bass/electric guitar riffs, the core of the song is just a baseline melody paired to the lyrics. One thing that I love to watch is how a band advances versions of a song through the original through acoustic/live versions and eventually re-releasing a song as a newer edition.

exhibit A: Mae - Anything (acoustic)


I think this is true for an individuals running stride. A race may dictate more climbing or speed work required, and the stride simply adapts to handle the stress that the mind imposes on the body. However, it's good to go acoustic once in awhile, and just focus on form and feel. If the pure action is pushing my body forward quickly and efficiently.. It's good to ask just how well am I really doing that? To me, this past week wasn't fast or slow, long or short. It was just how does the stride feel today? Only 30 minutes so far? Two hours already? Okay, that'll do.

5 miles easy
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: 6 mile treadmill workout - 10-15% half mile-quarter mile intervals at 6:15-7:30 pace
Thursday: 7 at Temescal
Friday: 2 in the morning, 2 in the evening
Saturday: Eaton Cyn-Mt Wilson-Strutevant Camp-Chantry Flat 31 mile loop in reverse with Jorge, 9,000ft climbed 6:08
Sunday: Easy 14 along the bike path,

total: 67 miles
Not looking to go too far over 100 before TNF, but just keep focusing on form and feel.. and graduating.

Below is a view from top of Mt Wilson (just a 10 mile, 4,900ft 1:50 climb). Looking east towards miles 35-66 on the AC course, there's a lot of feelings going through my head every time we take this view in. The snow isn't here yet, but I'm looking forward to more of these painfully scenic runs with Jorge.


MP said...

YES! I found your blog... Well keep it up dude, and yes, graduating will be a great accomplishment as well!

Dominic Grossman said...

amen, i like pieces of paper with meaningful things on them!