Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weekly Oct 17-24

This was a short week with midterms and work projects, but I got to reward myself with a trip out to Fountain Hills to pace/crew at the Javelina Jundred. I went out without a plan other than helping the local Socal runners attempting (Erin, Henry, Gabi, Erik Skelly, Guillome, etc. etc.), and maybe pace some of the front runners. Little did I know at the end of the 5th loop, the front runner would be none other than Jamie Donaldson and she'd actually want my help.
When we started she had a bit of kidney problems, and we had to dial it back (enabling Guillermo to catch her around mile 82), but she hung really tough and we talked so much that for the first time pacing was actually really enjoyable and not stressful at all. A little know fact, she had not been running since Badwater, and only started back up 3 weeks before Javelina.. Which turned out to be the perfect recipe as she bagged the win in course record time- 17:11.
Sun: easy 14
Mon: 5 - treadmill 3x1mi -10% at 9:00 pace
Tue: easy 3
Wed: easy 3
Thurs: easy 3
Fri: off (work and traveling to JJ)
Sat: 25 pacing Jamie Donaldson

53 miles - Kinda weak week stepping back, but not much mileage was possible with midterms and work taking precedence. I nailed my econ test, so it was worth it, and my body is ready for a stronger training week.


Hone said...

Nice job pacing. Jamie is a sweetie.

Running is just a hobby. School and work are a lot more important. This is the off-season anyways.

Dominic Grossman said...

I love running, but it doesn't seem to pay the bills yet.. Only add to the bills. I can't wait to work 40 hours a week, woo!