Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekly Update Oct 2-9

Trying to start a fire sometimes is a tough thing. There's the questions of the right amount of oxygen, the right fuel, kindling, method, etc. etc. Inevitably you make mistakes, but once you have a fire going, it doesn't really matter.

A month ago I was camping with Jorge on Blue Ridge. I picked a firepit randomly to start the fire in, and we gathered wood and kindling. I picked up a stick to move the ashes from the previous fire and it turned out their still were some coals burning bright (a dangerous and terrible thing to leave in such a dry Southern California forest). I arranged the wood, and inserted the kindling and we had a fire faster than you could turn on a gas stove.

Coming off of a DNF at Chimera, I'm looking to catch fire after a hopefully thorough recovery that included some cross-training and short speed/hill work to redefine my stride.. We'll see if the coals leftover are hot enough going into training for the TNF in December.

Sunday: 7 hilly PDR
Monday: 4 miles uphill 10%
Tuesday: 6 miles, 3% 8:00-6:15
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 9 hilly Newport
Friday: 4 miles easy Crystal Cove
Saturday: 31 miles, 9-10,000ft climbing with Jorge: Eaton Canyon-Mt. Wilson Toll Road,Winter Creek Trail-Chantry Flat-Spruce Grove-Mt. Wilson-Eaton Cyn

Total: 61 miles

Not too rough getting back into long runs, but my feet were a bit sore after running the 31 in the New Balance MT 101's. The upper (which has been substantially updated) doesn't stretch as much or fit as well to my foot, so my feet felt a little off that run, but I think breaking them in more will help. Also, I'm probably a little sensitive since I haven't ran over 80 minutes since Chimera. I can easily state they're going to definitely last a lot longer than the MT100's based on the beefed up materials and overlays they're using. Should be interesting..

Kings of Leon - Radioactive
This song and video really get me going..