Friday, August 14, 2009

Mt. Disappointment 50k

Where have I been?!? Where are we?!? What has been going on for so many weeks!?!

There's been some changes in my life, and I let running take a backseat for awhile. After my last post, I tappered a bit/ran out of time to run. I'll be moving into a new place soon, and have had some personal business to attend to. Basically, I got lazy with more stress, when I should've ran harder.

Mt. Dis was supposed to be a 50 mile for me. I went out fairly comfortably and led the first 10 miles of the race as it was all downhill and I was very fresh. Slipped into 5th place climbing up Josephine thinking I'd be running 50 miles and should slow down. I came around and up to Strawberry Peak and realized I wasn't in 50 mile shape physically, emotionally, mentally, etc. etc. and decided to pack it in at red box. Coming down into westfork, I took one too many salt sticks and dry heaved for a mile or so leaving westfork. I still finished 5th in 4:38.

Bulldog's in 2 weeks, hopefully we'll be ready to run stronger there/train through it for Angeles Crest aspirations.

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