Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 32

4:45 - 32.5 mile run 8lbs load out, start at 430pm..

Paseo Miramar (climb 1k)), Tippet (quick refil), Santa Ynez Canyon, Michael lane (quick refil), Trailer Canyon(clim 1.6k), Temescal Ridge, the Hub, fire road 30, Dirt Mullhullound (no bent arrow trail), Nike Missile site (long refill), Dirt Mullhouland, Fire Road 30 (darkness), Lower Eagle Springs, Paseo Miramar

Finished a 7 day period of 98 miles relatively fast and comfortably staying under 9 pace despite some hot and hilly sections. I really enjoy returning to Paseo Miramar at night from Tippet as well as heading down lower eagle springs.. good week, good run.

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