Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 73

Today: 20
3 day total: 65 mi

T2TTRC (top to top trail running club) inaugural run. Started early with J-Reid before the main group came, and got 9.2 done, then met up with main group of K-De, R-Greene, K-Barry, and G-Hamilton for some good times with the Shoe MD's, and tacked on 7.1 to make the total 16.35.. then headed down to paseo miramar for a 1,000 ft. climbing session in 3.83 miles out and back. Bringing the total to about 20.

Came home and did
350 super set abs
200 push-ups (6x34)

3 day total of 65 miles.

I guess in conclusion of the weekend, I came short of my goal by 10-20 miles, but the efficiency and consistency I began to pick up has left me pretty confident at the very least. I think going for the extra miles would've just left me haggard. I actually don't plan on taking tomorrow off, so my average 4 day total will end up higher than the usual Monday-Friday off, and 50-60 sat-sunday total.

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