Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 74

Morning Run/Workout:
1 mile pavement
2 miles soft sand
1 mile pavement

upper body mini workout:
5 chin-ups, 10 dips, 15 push-ups
10 chin-ups, 20 dips, 30 push-ups
15 chin-ups, 30 dips, 45 push-ups

Evening Top to Top run club:
10k in 41:03
Group started off in 5 something for the first mile.. kinda weird for a casual run club, but I led the last 5 miles pushing the pace a bit and then easing off. Felt really relaxed and wanted to go faster, but decided to be nice. I think the morning run/workout tightened my muscles a bit and I was ready to go much faster.

10 miles on the day

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