Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 56

Plan for the week to do the long run Friday morning, less long run Saturday, and rest or whatever Sunday.

Got bogged down with tests and papers and only did PT in between

5 sets
10 dips
20 push-ups
30 abs

Mad Props to my first donor! 2nd Lt. Bacallo paying 28 cents a mile (50$)!


Peter said...

Hey Dude, it's Peter. Great run on Thursday.

Two things:

I got $ and just need to know how exactly I contribute. Is there a site I can go to?

I'm down to help you anyway I can. I read through your blog, and I'm sorry to hear about your father. I think what you're doing is kick-ass. Let me know if you want to meet up for some long runs on the weekends (ie. tomorrow?? 20-30 miles?) or if you need help prepping or crewing. I want to be a part in contributing to your success.

Give me a shout.

Peter said...

Just figured out the donation process. No worries. $25 more in the bank! Good luck bro!!!

Peter said...

Okay, I'm comment machine.

Just sent your 'story' out to my agency, an email list that goes out to about 1000 people in our LA office. I hope it helps the cause. every penny counts, right?

Ahaberkorn said...


My name is Drew. I met you the other night at Top to Top. I tried on like 30 pairs of shoes and ended up where we started w/ the Kayanos. I was the kid that ran at LMU - not sure if you remember me.

Anyways, first of all - you were beyond helpful and down to earth. I appreciate that. More importantly, I work at the agency Peter sent the e-mail out to. I'm stoked that I can help you out in any way possible. I'm down for $25. Good luck man! I'll def. follow your progress.

If these shoes work out for me, I'd be down to join you on some of your shorter runs (I'm not running 30 miles haha) or help any other way I can. Let me know. Good Luck! Big ups to Peter for sharing your story w/ me.


Dominic Grossman said...

Peter, your e-mail worked! Crazy small world we live in, I helped Drew with his shoes just a few days before. Thanks for the support and the donation. I'm gonna print out a list of my donors and words of encouragement and carry it with me in the race for motivation getting through those tough 3am miles. We'll figure out a good trail run soon.

Drew, I really appreciate the kind words. I think I'm getting the same Kayano's since my current ones are dead, so whenever you wana go for a run we'll be.. matching. I do short 4-10mi runs during the week and would love to get in the pool more to cross-train without breaking my kneecaps. You can e-mail me at if you want to coordinate something.