Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Funraising for Parkinson's Research

I'm running the Ragnar Relay solo (177 miles) from Santa Barbara to Dana Point April 24-25 in honor of my Father who has Parkinson's Disease. The current administration has expressed interest in allowing stem cell research which could allow for a huge breakthrough in finding a cure. Funding for research will have a greater effect than ever. Whether you support me, my dad, Parkinson's Research, and/or ultra running, your donation will help more than you imagine. Click over to my fundraising site if you're interested in supporting my cause.

Sponsor Me Page

Just a little math:
Penny/mile = 1.77$
Nickle/mile= 8.85$
Dime/mile = 17.77$
Quarter/mile= 44.25$

Cars are about 10 cents a mile, but then again I'm running. I appreciate any and all support.

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