Monday, January 14, 2013

2 week Recap

Snowshoes on Kratka Ridge

Dec 31-Jan 6

Mon: 5mi -1,200ft easy hike/run up kratka ridge in the snowshoes
PM: 4mi - 800ft tempo run up mt. wilson road for new years eve

Tues: 4mi - 0ft easy down mt. wilson road
PM: 12mi - 3,000ft redbox-disappointment-lowe

Wed: 4mi - 2,500ft treadmill, 3mi at 15%, 1 mi at 5%

Thurs: 7mi - 1,300ft pacific ridge tempo, 55:18 legs a bit sluggish from past few days of good training

Fri: 4mi - 0ft - easy roads

Sat: 27mi - 7,600ft - Chantry-Winter Creek-Kenyon Devore-Redbox-Disappointmet-Wilson-Sturdevant with Jorge and Hone. Fun day, enjoyed the company, snow, and views.

Hone and Jorge on Sturdevant

Sun: 14mi - 3,000ft - Easy with Katie doing some trail work on the AC course from Newcomb's Saddle to Sturdevant

81mi, 19,400ft 
(72mi, 17,400ft in 2013)

Good first week back training in earnest for Ray Miller. Felt some significant soreness in the quads on Thursday but I felt normal again by Sunday afternoon. Definitely have to eat a lot more food to run 80 MPW vs. 40 MPW.

Jan 7-13

Mon: 4mi - 3,000ft Badden Powell Treadmill Workout 46:40, started cautious and eventually found the confidence to hold 5.8 MPH for the last 10 minutes. Definitely a bit of a mental workout to avoid peeking at the screen.
PM: 10mi, 4,000ft up steep and cheap from lake to inspiration point with Hone and Price. Really fun bit of scrambling and steep 1,000+ ft./mi goat trails up to inspiration point with a Muir Peak tag for good measure. I don't think there's more than a few other people in LA that appreciate this type of running/hiking/scrambling, but it definitely fills our souls.

Tues: Off, a bit of tendonitis on the interior below my ankle. Had to respect the 7,000ft day before

Wed: 2mi - 0ft - easy AM shakeout
PM: 10mi - 4,000ft - intervals on the last pitch up westridge terrace, then another 4mi easy with KD up westridge fireroad

Thurs: 7mi - 2,000ft - Capri, Nazi Camp stair climb (x2) good pace, but a little sore from Wed night

Fri: 16mi, 4,000ft - 2:17 - Eight miles/4000ft up Wilson Toll Road easy in :88, down in hard :49

Sat: 23mi, 5,500ft - 5:00 - Cold start at Mishe Mokwa with Spector but eventually warmed up. Got lost but eventually found the Serrano Valley trail and got psyched for Ray Miller 50k, easy climb up sandstone

Sunday: 13mi, 5,700ft - 5:15 - Cold, snowy, icy climb up Baldy, lots of character with the thick snow, enjoyed the downhill with Andy.

Baldy in the Background 

Gaining the ridge with Marshall and Andy

85 Miles, 28,200ft+

Was waffling on going for a full 90 miles, but ultimately decided that I'd gotten good climbing, good workouts, and good fitness out of the week.

Bepu N'Gali - I Travel to You

Also, the new Toro Y Moi album streaming preview is up on Pitchfork (I recommend Day One) 


Freebird said...

What is the Badden Powell Treadmill Workout?

Dominic Grossman said...

4 miles, 15% grade, as fast as you can for time.

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