Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Recap April 9-15

10mi, 2250ft, El Moro singletrack - winding, technical, sore, easy pace

3mi, 550ft, treadmill, easy pace
10mi, 1750ft, El Moro singletrack - easy enjoyable, 2mi barefoot

8mi, 2000ft, Silverado - controlled on the way up, quick technical descent in :23

3mi, 0ft, easy road
5mi, 1500ft, El Moro - Tired, but okay

5mi, 0ft, quick
3mi, 0ft, easy

13mi, 2,000ft, 4:00, 3 Points to Chilao and back on Hwy 2. Fresh 4-6 inches of powder
9mi, 1,5000ft, 1:15 Quick up Sullivan Canyon, easy back down on the ridge

31mi, 8,250ft, 6:00 - "Please don't hate me 50k" course Eaton,Wilson, Sturdevant, upper falls (Sturdevant falls was roaring), Winter Creek, Eaton. Felt completely present and enjoyed the easy pace moving through and enjoying every section of the run. No need to rush.

Total: 101 miles, 19,750ft

Leaving 3 Points 

Out of Sulfur Springs 

3 Points with a bit more snow than in July

The first tripple digit week of the year went well! This is not where I thought I would be in January, but this year has shown me how many ways a body can break. It's definitely given me some perspective, and also reminded me about the basics of my mechanics and cross training (and how important they are). I feel confident about going through Leona, and moving into high climbing totals again without the threat of more injury. I have an equation with my diet, gear, cross training, and feel right about those 30,000ft weeks.

Neko Case - This Tornado Loves You


Chris Price said...

Stoked to see you getting health...FINALLY! Haven't ran with you forever dude, lets go do some uber vertical ish soon, HR is less than 100 days away!!!!!!

I want to do steep and cheap trail but add on some more ridge running up to Sam Merrill instead of traversing over on the Lowe Railway... ya dig?

Dominic Grossman said...

Yes, it is true. And we're getting ready for my favorite season of the year: Mountain 100 season!!!

Definitely would love to do that ridge.. But if you think that's wild, wait till we do Blue Ridge to Baldy and back.. the glissading is second to none (I bet we can get your garmin to read 20 mph)