Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Recap April 2nd-8th

Monday: 1 mi easy. Back was very tight and sore from slipping on ice and falling on a big rock on Sunday.

Tuesday: 5mi, 2000ft, 4mi at 11% on treadmill; the back felt alright, definitely couldn't have handled a trail though

Wednesday: 9mi, 1750ft - Sandstone Fence trail at El Moro (technical singletrack winds back and forth along the 73), down to Laguna Canyon, back up fireroad, tempo'd for 2 mi on Bommer Ridge out running mountain bikers on the rolling fireroad. Stride afterwards. Back felt 70%, calves felt fine, legs felt great.

Thurs: 10mi, 2500ft - More of the Sandstone Fence trail in Minimus, ran into some bikers and easily kept up with their wolf pack(eventually passed them on some technical parts). The minimus gave me a good foot strengthening workout. The solid grip on the sandstone and the steep, awkward, rutted out angles challenged my arches and kept my feet working.

Fri: 2 mi, 500ft - Easy treadmill in the morning

Idlehour Entrance with Michael, Megan, Katie

Sat: 27mi, 5700ft  - Last 26 miles of AC course (27 with the warm-up from the cars). Eli, Michael, Meghan, Marshall, Adam and Katie all ran well resulting in minimal wait times. Meghan killed the climb up Winter Creek, and is definitely one of the top female climbers right now. Eli looks like he's climbing and descending really well and is ready for a strong showing at Miwok if he runs smart.

Sunday looking at the PCT off Badden Powell from Williamson

Sun: 14mi, 2300ft - A combo of high country terrain: the Gabriellino trail for 7mi, then drove to Islip and headed towards Little Jimmy (not too much snow, but eventually turned back just before little jimmy. It looks like a storm is coming in to close it off even more), then back down to Islip, over Williamson and back on the road. I gave Katie a 5 minute head start up Williamson, and I almost didn't catch her until the last push. I felt really strong and comfortable on the climb, but Katie definitely put out a good effort. Looks like Baldy has been paying off for us.

Coming Down Williamson

Total 71 miles, 15,000ft

I'm starting to get into a groove again, as this was finally a week that felt like a solid base had been laid down and I wasn't too sore by the end of it all. I suprised myself with the 2 mile race on Wed with the mountain bikers, it felt like it was easily 5:30-6:00 pace.

Perhaps one of the best tunes to pop in one's head on a long run

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