Monday, January 31, 2011

Update Jan 24-30

As stubborn as one may want to be in chasing after their goals, there's a time and place to sit down and take in the view. Sunday, it was perched on the side of a canyon in Altadena looking across at the trail winding up the other side. I looked across through the drizzle and mist and listened to the complete stillness that had been created in the canyon. Though I was only a few miles away from the city, the shielding walls of the canyon and the thick misty rain had made things perfectly silent.

I looked down and couldn't see the bottom, but thought back to sunny days in the summer and remembered how high up I was. In a way, high mileage training consistently puts us in the fog: we don't always look back on what we've done or always know how far we have to go.

At the time, I was approaching about 1/4 way up from Lake Ave to my eventual destination of Mt. Lowe; similarly in my training for Angeles Crest, I'm 1/4 now. The next 3 phases will be 120-150 mile weeks, high altitude workouts, and then a course specific taper.

Mon Jan 24, 6mi, 0ft, :51 Irvine Road

Tues 6mi, 900ft, :56 Spyglass Hill repeats, easy
4mi, 500ft, :40 newport trails

Wed 9mi, 1700ft, 1:45 trabucco creek, steep rocky, out and back on santiago
5mi, 200ft, :45 Quail Hill fartlek

Thurs 0, 0, :0 Rest to ease some minor neuroma swelling in my right foot.

Fri 4mi, 0, Santa Ana easy
14mi, 1200ft, 1:31 Westridge-Brentwood

Sat 27.5mi, 3000ft, 3:50 Leona Divide course preview with Jorge and Chris Price
2.5mi easy shakeout VFF's

-The 12 mi aid station on Saturday at Leona (courtesy of Keira Henninger)

Sun 21mi, 4200ft, 3:50 Lake Ave-Mt. Lowe (drizzle at the bottom, snow at the top)-Sunrise trail

Total: 95mi, 12,700ft

This was a good time to step back and let the body adjust and relax a little. Not too much elevation or too many fast runs

Totals for January:

439 Miles, 67,800 ft

I wish this song had a unicorn for the background, but oh well :)

Pinback - Penelope

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