Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekly Update May 30-June 5

Gatorade "Dominic" from BlipMobile on Vimeo.

If this doesn't sell Gatorade, I don't know what does..

Shorter week (6 days) ended up being a bit of a step back week of 121. I wasn't too good at keeping a good schedule for higher mileage, but a few nagging injuries were quieted down, and I managed to get up to Fish Camp for Shadow of the Giants 50k to sweep the course at a comfortable pace and run with some SoCal Coyote ultra virgins.

Part of the sport that I find really enjoyable is helping new runners enjoy the sport more. I didn't have much to go on at my first races other than a sense of adventure and some helpful aid station volunteers, and luckily it all turned out well. This weekened though, I got to head up to Fish Camp with a pack of 8 well preped coyotes, and watch them take on a beautiful and challenging 50k course. They metamorphed from conservative runners into adventurous, enthusiastic ultra runners with a great sense of accomplishment. Truly a thing of beauty.

New ultra kids on the block, getting ready to rock.

Sun: 22 BW course

Mon: Rest (not quite by choice)

Tues: 18 over to Brentwood and back

Wed: 18 Playa to Hermosa woodchip loop

Thurs: 14 Westridge to Farmers ridge plus extra
6 along Westchester Pkwy

Fri: 3 morning
7 in Fish Camp

Sat: 33 miles of casual course sweeping, mostly running and waiting at aid stations.

121 total

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