Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekly Update June 20-26

I was up at Western States this past weekend and got to witness possibly the best 100 mile race in the history of our sport. The talent, the tactics, the gamesmanship, and the performance level was unbelievable. I extremely admire the elite, but really admire the 130 runners that earned the sub-24 buckle, and everyone that showed up on the starting line ready to run and take on the race whole-heartedly. I think the field as a whole took the race a lot more seriously (as more than just another 100) and it showed in an event that honored the sport (and the man that started it all who finished in just over 30 hours! Quite a tear-jerking moment).

Talking to the elites, and hearing their insight was really inspiring for BW. Though I don't think a single one of them care for the roads, the spirit to endure and shine in the most competitive and dificult races is something golden and universal.

At any rate, here’s the final week of higher mileage before we started the 2 week taper/sauna fest:

Sun 6/20:
40 miles in the Santa Monica Mountains, about 7-8k climbing, 8:32 pace

Mon 6/21:
10 mi trail, 2 mi barefoot after

Tues 6/22:
2 am roads
13 pm trails

Wes 6/23:
11 mi trails

Thurs 6/24:
7 mi evening

Fri 6/25:
None, traveled up to SF, but Brett didn’t want to run..

Sat 6/26:
22 pacing the great Erik Skaden to a 17:40

total: 107 miles, 6 days


Brett said...

I ran on Friday, you just couldnt keep up again.

Dominic Grossman said...

Liar.. 2nd place, liar.