Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekly Update June 14-20

The Temper Trapt - Love Lost

This week is 3 weeks out from Badwater, and 1 from pacing Erik at Western States, so the last long run had to happen this weekend to give time to patch up all my injuries, and to allow me to enjoy WS weekend. 21 Days out is not normally the start of my taper, but the nature of Badwater makes it fitting. 135 Miles on roads is the wrong time to have a nagging injury pop back up.

At any rate, the week was alright and productive with a strong run Sunday:

6/14 Mon: 14 mi SM-PDR
6/15 Tues: 18 in Palm Springs 100 degree heat out and back on Pine to Palm highway climbing 2k
6/16 Wed: 8 mi Palm Springs Tramway, 2k in 3.7 mi up, fast climb in 42, down in 26.
6/17 Thurs: none, lakers won though!
6/18 Fri: 5 mi
6/19 Sat: Quick 16 in new Lunar Glides, shoe was too stiff
6/20 Sun: Quick but strong and comfortable 40, over three climbs, 2k, 2k, 1k and some other rolling hills in the Santa Monica's. Out and back on Corral, up Latigo chasing cyclists, up and over to Misha Mokwa, down to the coast finish last four miles in 24:30

Total: 101

Not a huge total, but body feels strong and the miles were quality for the most part. My confidence in finishing BW is tapped out, but the exact speed is going to be interesting in the heat. Sauna time is going to make the difference.

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