Sunday, February 28, 2010

Feb 23-Mar 1

W/U 1.5
6xMile on road, 5:50-6 with Daniel
C/D 2.5

3mi am soft sand
3mi PM Zem barefoot shoes at sullivan canyon (ouch)

old ranch, sullivan ridge, single track return fast

evening exploration around capri, camp josepho

AM sullivan canyon/ridge + add-on

(sullivan ridge w. kd)

(sullivan ridge)

-24m 3:23
From old ranch, back yard, rodgers, farmers ridge, westridge, luna, old ranch.

(the "mountain" w. dw)

(dw on rodgers)

easy around Playa del Rey

Week Total: 85 miles

Not quite the big week I wanted by this time of year, but things are going well as far as workouts are concerned. I think working in Santa Monica is going to result in a lot more trail time which is what I'm all about. Training dynamically means weekly goals are going to have to be flexible to ensure certain workouts are hit. Going into LA and American River, speedwork on the roads is starting to get more important. Staying healthy and getting rid of the small heel/planta pain in my left foot that I got at Rocky is going to be #1. Less than 3 weeks till LA workout, then 3 till AR, then 3 till Miwok. I'm excited to race soon.. More speed work on the road and shorter mileage is gonna be the theme from here on out into May, however that's not to say I won't do some downhill repeats on the trails.

Matt Costa - Sweet Thursday

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