Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First week of the year

I took off 9 days from running going up until New Year's Eve, to try to heal up my nagging ankle problems and enjoy the jolly-days.. And it worked, I'm pretty healthy now, and started with some light runs, before the 3rd, when I ended up with 88 miles on the week:

+25 mi "figure 8" temescal, lower eagle springs, santa ynez, trailer canyon, will rogers. -Raced Jimmy up trailer 2.1 in 19 minutes, with 800 ft climbing. Also raced some mtn bikers down rogers.
+6 mi evening with danimal along wetlands

+2.5 mi am
+11 mi pm easy with KB


+8 mi soft sand, (in the middle) 4,6,10 chinups, 8,12,20 push-ups, 30 inclined leg levelers

+7 mi westridge

+14 mi at Boney Mtn

+xterra boney mtn -1:40, 5th overall, easy. 15 on the day

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