Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 15

21 mile Temescal, Hub-lower eagle springs, tippet, upper eagle springs, hub, rodgers fire road, temescal. 21 miles, 3:37

I ran non-stop temescal to palisades highlands trail head. The heat started to come up, and it turned out that my handhelds were mixed with too thick of an accelerade solution and I stopped drinking despite being very hot. I got to tippet ranch in 1:30, refilled with mostly water and took a salt stick. I took eagle springs upper and got to hub juntion in 35 with a lot of hiking. I got from the hub to Will Rogers in 1:05 through some high heat in the back corners, but ended up making some time on the approach to Will Rogers. The transit to the car took 26:40, and the final pace ended up being a bit over 10:00 pace, but considering the heat and the hills and the problems with accelerade, it ended up being a decent run.

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