Saturday, May 9, 2009

Week Review

Sunday: Santa Monica 10k, 38:37, legs felt sluggish from the previous weekend (see post below)

monday: short upper body pt, IT bands still tight, no run

tuesday: 3.5 mile trail at night

wednesday: 5.5 mile trail morning 660 abs, 4 minute planks

thursday: 7 mi tempo with jimmy at westridge, easy up to Nike, 3.5 in 22 on the way back 200 abbs

Friday: Helped mark the last 7.5 miles of Malibu Creek Xtera course and got offered a free entry.. couldn't pass it up. Loaded up for the race the night before with two Sam Adams, two double doubles (animal style, no tomatoes), and a well salted order of fries

Saturday: Ran 14 mile course in 1:48. I still was a bit cautious with some soreness in my arch and minor IT band trouble. Ran up bulldog for the first time ever and ran with an inspiring asthmatic runner (she was breathing so hard, but kept climbing! heart of a humming bird, heart of a warrior), felt strong at mile 9 and split 6:05, 5:45, 5:40 over the downhill miles 9, 10, 11 catching 2-3 runners, jogged up the last hill and finished in 1:48. Jimmy over warned me on bulldog and I lost some time there, but I'll be ready to rock in in august for the bulldog 50k. Went into work 1030-7, and at ate a whole rotisserre chicken (really hit the spot).

Notes on the week:
-I don't consider my Ragnar 155 solo two weeks ago an excuse for anything anymore. I've felt super confident in almost everything and as my speed comes back, I want to break 3:00 at LA or San Diego Rock and Roll marathon(s) and get my trail legs sharpened for the ultra season

-Ultras I'm considering doing before AC100 (i'd like to do all):
+Shadow of the Giants 50k
+Holcomb Valley 34 mile
+Sequoia 50k (1 year ultra career anniversary)
+Mt Disappointment 50 mile (6 weeks before AC100)
+Bulldog 50k (4 weeks before AC 100)

-I lost a good amount of muscle mass during Ragnar.. I'm faster like this, but I want to get back some muscle for AC.

-Running 15 more on trails tomorrow with awesome and awesome. I want to make sure I stay on top of my back to back weekend distance runs. That, and my core (i don't want any more it band problems, and I want to dominate the downhills with AC's net downhill)

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