Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 111

10k Run at Top to Top run club.. had a good 40 minute or so effort with two quick guys talking along the way about the race. Raised some money, and sharpened the legs, had a good time.

The next time this is updated will be after the race on Sunday or so. Also, the course has changed, but I will be doubling back in Venutra, and running all of malibu to hit 188 miles.

I don't think I can thank enough all the donors out there that have helped me so far, and all those who are thinking of/praying for me and are all apart of the effort. This wouldn't be possible without my awesome extended support crew.

Here's how you can follow me on race day:

Excel Spreadsheat of my fastest arrival at each leg (links to legs on the left side of spread sheet)

Santa Monica Pier (leg19) : Along the bike path, as early as 410 pm, as late as 610

Venice Boardwalk(leg 19): Along the Boardwalk, as early as 440pm, as late as 640pm

Manhattan Beach(leg 20): Along the bike path, as early as 620pm, as late as 820pm

Redondo Beach(leg 21): Along the bike path, as early as 745pm, as late as 945pm

2nd Street Long Beach(leg 27): As early as 3am, as late as 6am

Course Maps at

Thanks again for all the support, prayers, and good vibes! Time for some last minute homework and sleep.


M said...

i admire you, you go man!!!

Peter said...

GOOD LUCK brother. We'll get you to the finish!!! You're going to do awesome.