Sunday, April 26, 2009

quick summary - better one to follow

To everyone that sent messages, prayers, positive vibes, met me along the course, PACED ME, fed me, stretched me, electrolyted me, caffienated me, demanded I keep going.. THANK YOU!

Basically this is what happened in the race:

I hit the 50 mile mark at 9:30 and was more or less on pace for a 188 finish in 40+ hours

around mile 52 I started bonking. I wasn't getting enough electrolytes from my current sources

The combination of concrete, the hills of malibu, some hot sections, and NO SALT PILLS along PCH led to me taking about 10 hours to cover miles 50-86.

At 86 I got my salt pills and was a whole new man, and hit the 100 mile mark at 21:30 - (2 hours for 14 miles is good at this point in the race)

Threw up at 103, but pushed the bike path from playa del rey to redondo fairly well. Katie and I messed with some of the other teams along the strand.. most other runners were shocked that I was running next to them and had run for 108 miles already.. kinda cocky, I know, but it was fun. Then ran with Jimmy and Kate (just did LD 50), doing well through the bars in Hermosa/ Redondo

The sleep deprivation stated catching up to me BIG TIME from Redondo Beach to Crenshaw.. I was walking to much with my pacers and my legs were getting shot. I took a pretty good shot of caffeine eating a whole pack of power bar gel blasts at once, and started shaking me neck/upper torso uncontrollably for a couple miles... it was pretty crazy, ask Jimmy and Peter about it. I laid down in the RV and let my body rest, but my eyes wouldn't shut, so I got up after 4 minutes.

The climb up western took most of the night, I took my first nap for about 7 minutes at mile 118. Got up and ate what I could and pushed on to 123 with peter until sunrise.

Pushed on to 128 with Katie finally starting to run for more than a quarter mile

Ran with my little sister through wilmington along PCH for 3 miles before I did the last 3.3 alone.. Pretty much one of the ugliest most industrial parts of the course. Also got IT band problems.. Hit mile 135 at 1030 am or so. I took a 7 minute nap.

Ran 4 miles along LA river and long beach bike path to mile 139 and met Katelyn, my "sled dog" for the last 15 miles.

Ran 3.5 with katelyn to pch/2nd street, mile 142.4. Called up the Race Director and asked him to calculate the total milage the other teams had run. I had intended to go 188, but my pace at the time put me finishing around sunday morning, without any race personal there. With the cuts from 101, and Malibu, the total was 154.2. Me and katelyn mapped out a route that gave me the milage with a little to spare, and then was less than a mile short. We ran it and then drove to about a mile from the finish and ran in with Katelyn, Jimmy, and Kate, and at 50 yards from the finish, my Dad! When you see the finish line picture, you'll see, this was all worth it.

154.2 miles, 39:59:34

and currently, I can't walk.. we're working on it now to get me to the Parkinson's Fundraising event this morning.


Peter said...

Job well done sir. When you can walk, we have to grab a beer with jimmy, kate, katie, katelyn and the rest of the gang to recap the crazy night. -peter

Unknown said...

I agree with Peter. We'll have to get together and compare stories. I think you're awesome. Good luck with those legs.

Unknown said...

Very proud of you!!! Remember I only race 5Ks. You are a champion for the 154 miles you did run. Thanks again for trying to find me the right pair of shoes!!!

Lance said...

Congratulations on an incredible run! I can't even wrap my head around any human being capable of.....gulp....154 miles! In a word- awesome.

Anonymous said...

Awesome!!!That's all i can say. So what do you want to be when you grow up. Nothing you say will surprise me because after 154 miles you can do Any ting you say you want to do. Thanks for the inspiration.