Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Race Schedule Update

I got accepted into the 177.8 mile Ragnar Relay that starts in Santa Barbara and ends at Dana Point. Usually it is run by 12 man teams, but I'll be starting early Friday Morning/Midnight to attempt it on my own. I'll be running in honor of my Dad raising funds for the American Parkinson's Disease Association. I'll post more info on donations once that gets worked out with them. I'm thinking about making it a run-a-thon style thing with donations per-mile.

The race is April 24th-25th, and I'll be doing some more analysis on the course map:

Needless to say, this is going to by my main training focus for the next 3 months. I'm still going to train on trails and hills, but I'll also be trying to log some high milage on simpler roads (as per race conditions). I really am a bit nervous about taking on this training, but I believe I can be organized, disciplined, tough, and smart enough to get myself strong enough to have a chance at completing it. At any rate, it should be an awesome adventure, and a great gift to give my dad while I still can.

I'm looking for an EMT or Nurse or Medic that's free that weekend, and has maybe some experience with endurance athletes. I'm supposed to provide my own support crew and medical support for the race until the roving race crew catches up to me. Anyone that wants to be a pacer for the night shifts around Santa Monica-Long Beach are more than welcome whether on bike or foot. I'm looking at 48 hours total for the race, so we may have two nights for any readers in Irvine/OC.

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