Saturday, October 4, 2008

Day 2

Pretty sure achilles is just bruised, so I can run, but I just can't wear shoes with firm heels (all running shoes).

40 minute barefoot soft sand.

4x25 push-ups
5x20 core abs

After taking 3rd at the 50k in July, I knew I wanted to race ultras. I wasn't patient though, and choose to do the 50 and 100 miler just to get them under my belt and get the experience. Now, I want to do whatever I can to run well with the big dogs. As for the World of Hurt 50k, I may just volunteer there or attempt track the Skag brothers and maybe run with Goggins (who has a serious ultra resume I only had a fraction of an idea of). After running 5:03 on a rolling and partly technical Seqouia 50k (ultra debut), I think I can still attempt to stay under 5:30 and run with a few big dogs at World of Hurt if I'm 90% healthy. Still, I really don't know how bad the course really is, and don't take the name lightly.

Ordered two Salomons.. pretty pumped to race later in the speed cross, and happy to get the durable workhorse trail runner sw's for a steal.

Speed Cross:Trail Runner SW:

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