Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 13

Run 5 miles, new 1224's

1 set
25 chin-ups
25 dips

I think once I got the laces just right, the 1224's aren't too bad at all. I like the feeling of the foam and absorb cushioning (which is rare for me to say about New Balance), but I couldn't tell if it was tightening IT Bands or that there was too much stability that was making my feet run pigeon toed. I suspect there's a little too much ankle support, but I'll run some more in them and see. My Achilles seems good to go for running on. However the second I put on the Montrail Highlanders, the Achilles erupts in pain, and I'd like to run on them soon to see if i like them since they're pretty neutral (and i got them on SAC for only 35$)

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