Sunday, April 21, 2013

4/15 - 4/21

Mon 4/15: Easy 4 miles on road with KD

Tues: 6mi, 1,750ft, Rivas Ridge run, good little steep technical run before work

Wed: 9mi, 2,250, Temescal-Rivas Ridge-Backbone-Rivas Cyn-Temescal at night

Thurs: 9mi, 1,500ft, Westridge

Fri: 13mi, 5,000ft, 3:01 Chris, Schulte, Cross, Ardine and I headed up the firebreak from Lake to Inspiration, up a scree chute to Lowe, some more scrambling up the backside of Markham, and then back down to lake on gradual trails (Lowe and Sam Merrill). If we retraced the uphills on the route back down, it would've been a 9-10 mi/5,000ft+ day. It's amazing how the front range offers up so much vert. It's truly a mountain running gem if you know your way around.

Scrambling (photo by Schulte)

Sat: 12mi, 4,000ft Easy recovery run up Waterman and over to Twin Peaks with Jorge, Katie, and Robert. Legs felt stiff after Friday, but enjoyed the steep trails again. Whatever the Zane Gray course throws at me next week, it should feel in line with the terrain I've been running lately

 Panorama from Twin Peaks (from a couple weeks ago)

Sun: 10, 1,600ft Easy taper day running Cooper Cyn with Jorge and Jorge and walking around a bit after.

63mi, 16,100ft

I am starting to find more and more vertically dense miles in my running. That will ease back down getting ready for AC, but I feel a lot stronger running terrain I "grew up on" (AKA, cut my teeth on, AKA, humbled me) a few years ago in Cooper Canyon. I remember hating the last few pitches up to Cloudburst, swearing they were "too steep" but now find them to be completely runnable. Should be a good sign for Saturday at Zane Gray and the rest of my AC training to follow afterwards.

Also my phone broke, so sorry for the lack of pics. Still deciding on a replacement..

Beach House - Real Love (spent a lot of time tapering and admiring the Kratka Ridge area, this song made it feel extra romantic)

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