Monday, January 28, 2013

Step Back Week

 Jan 21-27

Monday: 6mi, 250ft, :50 - Easy roads over to see Bird (the horse) with some strides on the way back

Thursday: 9mi, 1750ft, 1:20 - Slight tempo-ish run on Westridge-Sullivan-Luna Loop

Wednesday: 4mi, 1000ft, :45 - Super sluggish jog up Westridge Terrace, legs tired from work

Thursday: 5mi, 1000ft, :45 - Out and back in the rain on Westridge fireroad/singletrack

Friday: 5mi, 0ft, :40 - Easy two miles, then 8x200m (:32-35's), mile cool down
6mi, 500ft, :60 - Easy road/trail over to Baldwin Hills while waiting on my car

Sat: 16mi, 5,000ft, 3:00 - Up Mount Wilson trail to the top, back down Bailey canyon with Sean and Josh, easy pace, but great terrain

Sun: 13mi, 5,800ft, 4:30 - Easy day up and down Bear Canyon with Billy, Colin, Josh, and David.

64 miles, 15,300ft, 12:50

If there's anything I regret in my training, it's not taking more step back weeks to recover and let my muscles build back up. When I hammer too many weeks in a row, I get slower and injured. So, I took it down a few notches last week, even though it felt one week too early for Ray Miller 50k.

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - We the Common

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Chris Price said...

I think you'll find an extra little kick in your step since you've taken it a little easier in the last couple weeks before our race this Saturday.

It's going to be an exciting race! I think I'll post my predictions later today.