Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Update Aug 20-26

Dawson Peak from Baldy

Monday: 10 mi, 2,000ft, 1:40 - Singletrack tech at CC

Tues: 5mi, 1,000ft, :50 - 5x400m at :82-:86 with some warm up and cool down on a hill

Wed: 13mi, 5800ft, 3:00 - Baldy at night, ran strong down low then slowed down as I climbed into the darkness and the clouds. 1:55 to the top wasn't great, but okay with the conditions. Heading down in the dark took forever, definitely bringing a stronger light next time.

Thurs: 5mi, 1500ft, :60 - Easy at  CC

Fri: 3mi, 1000ft, :25 - Easy up westridge

Sat: 26mi, 12,000ft, 9:00 - Long day with three Ironmen on BDP run. Easy pace all day, stayed with Brian to make sure he got out alive at the end.

Sun: 13mi, 2,000ft, 1:45 - Hollywood sign run with A Runner's Circle and New Balance day. Spun the legs out with some high schoolers on the 7mi/2000ft to the summit in :60. Relaxed on the return to Los Feliz. Spent a few hours talking Ultra with Monica, Katie, and the crowd. 

Total: 75mi, 25,300ft, 17:50

This was the second weekend in a row that I spent a significant part of my time running with new mountain/trail runners. I suppose one might think I could get frustrated waiting around or running slower than I might run on my own, but I actually feel more satisfied to see the sport grow with a few more inspired people. There's something magical about how fast runners can grow over a few months or a few hours. Last week I was really impressed with Pedro's speed, and this week I was impressed with Lukas, Josh, and Brian's high altitude determination. I consider real mountain running normal in my head, but forget to stress how dificult it is coming from a more civilized trail background. All three guys this weekend suffered in the loose shale, thin air, and 20% grade, but they grew throughout the run and earned a hard fought finish. Similarly, the Sunday run in Grifith Park was inspiring to me. The other high school runners I ran with never spoke a word, but had a mutual understanding of the shared goal of reaching the summit as fast as possible. Maybe a good recovery run after saturday might have had a 10-12 minute pace up the hill, but the 8:30ish pace was inspiring to see in 15 year olds. In that sense, I had a hugely satisfying weekend being with people actively growing every second.

  Slogging up Pine Mountain

Toro y Moi - Left Alone At Night

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