Thursday, February 24, 2011

Update 2/14-2/21

Another tough week, the cold I came down with the week before stuck around for awhile despite taking 2 days in a row off. However, the President's Day weekend wasn't a total loss, and I still managed a decent bit of climbing to salvage some climbing muscles that were atrophying.

Mon: 0

Tues: 4 mi, 600ft, :56 Boat Canyon (very weak still!)
6mi, 0ft, :42 Roads ran some quicker splits, blowing out the lungs in a fun tempo

Wed: 4mi, 700ft, :45 Boat (still having some trouble climbing)

Thurs: 6mi, 700ft, :57 Boat+Road (getting back to normal)

Fri: 5mi, 0ft, :46 Brentwood

Sat: 18mi, 5,000ft, 3:05 Eaton-Wilson-Sturtevant-Chantry (Quit the loop just before the storm hit)

Sun: 17mi, 3,700ft, 3:28 An amazing winter wonderland. Snow levels down to 2500ft and below, there was definitely more snowballs and vista breaks than usual

-A much more snowy view of Little Santa Anita Canyon

-Snowballs are a gift in some cultures.. Actually, just my culture.

-Nick and I in the foot of snow around 5,000 ft

-The land of snowy possibilities

total for last week: 60 miles, 10,700 ft

Monday: 20 miles, 4500ft, 3:29 Ran Eaton to Winter Creek, met up with Jorge (wearing beasts!) and added some miles down below along the rolling Altadena Crest trail.
3 mi, 300ft, :27, cruising around PDR

(total for last 7 days of running from 2/15Tues-2/21Monday)
83 miles, 15,500ft

Passion Pit - Moth's Wings

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