Thursday, July 29, 2010


I'm real sorry I've been MIA, but there is a draft on Badwater in the works and it will be coming to this site very soon. I have been at a new job doing a lot of new engineering things and between recovery/decompression, training on the AC course, and work it's been a little busy.

I've camped up on Blue Ridge above Wrightwood for a few weekends and loved every second up there. I said I wanted to camp more (and just be in the montains) before Badwater, but since the race I've had a stronger calling than ever to get out there and cut some digital ties. It's been great and I've gotten a few solid runs in the relatively short time since July 13th.

Jorge and I ran this past Sunday and had some strong splits through the first 13 of the course before I got a little knackered going up Baden Powell and ran out of water. Still we ran some great downhill sections together, and put away the first 30 fairly well. It felt great to just throw myself into a long climb again (albeit hypoxic) and work so fluidly with someone so inspiring (and funny).

God Bless the San Gabriels -Badden Powell from Blue Ridge in the Winter.

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