Thursday, February 18, 2010

Badwater Bound

Tonight, February 18th, at 7:32 PM, I received my acceptance e-mail into the July 12th, 2010 Adventure Corps Badwater 135 Mile Ultramarathon. This is a huge honor just to be considered for such a prestigious and difficult race. I feel incredibly motivated by the board's decision to give me a chance to show how much I can do despite my young age.

This race historically does not favor the young, but I am more than aware and respectful of the brutal nature of this course, and am willing to go above and beyond in my preparation for the event. Doing this now in my career isn't necessarily a natural progression, but it is part of the well rounded runner I want to be. I'm going to still go ahead with my training to run fast at AR and Miwok, but will also be working in heat, long hills, and road training. I deeply believe in this race and myself, and look forward to the training with my good friends Jimmy Dean Freeman and Brian Krogmann. Never quit, and always remain honest and true to myself. Expect greatness.