Monday, October 19, 2009

Schedule, taper, pt

Intended Schedule of Races

Oct 31: Javelina Jundred -175$
Nov 22: Santa Monica Mountains 50k - 55$
Dec 12: Chimera 100 mile - 200$
March 21: LA Marathon - 125$
April 10: American River 50 mile -125$
June 26-27: Western States 100 mile - 295$ (if i either win lottery or top three at american river)
July 12-13: Badwater 135 - 895$

I want to take 1-2 weeks completely off after Chimera to rest, and then ratchet up the mileage through the winter to 100+ weeks in February, possibly doing few other smaller events (xterra, other 50ks) as apart of rebuilding my base mileage but still keeping sane.

Javelina in 12 days will be probably the best Halloween yet. It's the first 100 for six of my friends, and the course is 15 mile loops so we'll all get to see and cheer each other on.

I've been so excited for the other rookies, that I've almost forgotten that I, myself am doing the longest race I've done since April.. Mt. Disappointment was supposed to be a 50 mile, but I was more concerned about AC, so I really don't have anything to go on for Javelina. However I think I have enough reactionary ultra running skills to survive and hopefully be done under 20 hours (of course I always have the intention to win, but just running 100 miles in under 20 hours for once (21:30 old PR) will be the main goal).

That said, I believe tapering for me is about building muscle and over-eating to increase durability and energy stores. There's a buffer both in the physical muscle sense and the body fat sense that I think is key in 100 mile races. There's a reason that the best ultra runners aren't pure skeletons..

That said, I got back on the upper body PT for the first time in awhile tonight. BUDS Prep Workout Week 2:

2x7 regular chin-ups
2x7 reverse chin-ups
2x7 close grip chin-ups
2x7 wide grip chin-ups
2x7 mountain climber chin-ups

2x15 push-ups
2x10 diamond push-ups
2x15 wide push-ups
2x15 dive bomber push-ups
2x15 dips
3x30 arm haulers

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