Tuesday, September 1, 2009

AC100 canceled

The above title in my e-mail box pretty much sunk my heart. I've had some good and bad luck this summer, but wildfires burning across the last 30 miles of the AC course has to be the worst. I've had plenty of flatter, faster, lower races all gearing up for the true mountain race from Wrightwood to Pasedena, and now it seems like a bit of a waste.

At the same time though, this is apart of nature. Whether a person throws a cigarette or lightning strikes, dead brush accumulated every year, and wild fires are the natural way that this brush is disposed of. Trying to control these wildfires is like trying to control the ocean. Even with aerial tankers, fire breaks, courageous fire fighters on the ground, and newer technologies, mankind has little control over the stronger fires.

The race was canceled before in 2002, and life went on. The fact that I'm in great shape right now is not going to go to waste, and my plan for the fall is:

LB Marathon, Oct 11: I should crack 2:50 easily, and maybe 2:40 if it's a good day.

Javelina Jundred: This is one of the flattest 100 mi courses out there, and presents a good opportunity for me to have a ridiculously fast 100 PR.

Santa Monica Mountains 50k: PC trail runs course record is 4:10, that'll be the goal that day.

All of these races are contributing to my overall endurance and foot speed. My long term goal is still to place at a Montrail Cup race, and earn my way into WS (50k's no longer valid entries), get accepted to BW.. and attempt the double. This fall season is the casting of an ambitious but achievable 2010 summer. Even still, along the way the training and races are going to be a lot of fun.

Sat: 30, 15, 15 in the sauna, 20 on the bike
Sun: 4 mi of hills
Mon: 4 mi easy tempo morning
4 mi easy night trail
Tues: 2.5 mi WU, 9 x 400 workout (75 74 74 74 69 68 66 64 58), 2 mi CD

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