Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Post May Plans

May was a great month of running for me (counting Ragnar in late april).

In a little over 5 weeks I ran: 155 mile race, 10k, 14 mile trail race, 2:53 LA marathon, and a 54k trail race. That's 234 miles in 5 races in 36 days just in race environments. The highlights being Ragnar and the LA marathon, but even still just saying I ran a 38:37 10k a week after a 155 mile race, and a week later finishing 7th at an xterra 14 mile trail run at malibu creek were great training highlights. The last 54k at Fish Camp showed just how burnt out I was, but gave me the final stamp of resiliency.

I'm planning on cross-training more to get some muscle and power back before heading up to WS100 to pace the amazing Jimmy Dean Freeman to a silver-buckle performance. From there, the plan is Mt. Disappointment 50 mile, Malibu Creek 50k, Angeles Crest 100. Possibly another PC trail run or maybe a backbone attempt.. we'll see

Last Thursday:

Sullivan Ridge
1-10, 10-1 PT Pyramid
x1 Chin-ups
x2 Push-ups
x2 Sit-ups

60 minutes easy on san vicente with TIT

Sullivan canyon 60 minutes + luna return climb for fun
20 chin-ups

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