Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 6

4 sets

40 push-ups
50 abs

4:00 planks

2nd pair of XT Wings from Salomon in orange now, and the XT Wings S-Lab

Haven't run in these guys yet, but hopefully they'll do the trick for 50 miles and beyond in ultras. I like the xt wings design because its very stable on the technical stuff, it gives a snug fit without blisters, and has the cushion to go the distance, but the weight of the regular wings keeps the me from really hitting the pace I want on shorter faster runs. So, this new lightweight (and kinda expensive even with my discount) version may hold the answer for my AC 100 and Mt. Disappointment 50 mile aspirations. We shall see.. At least the color will make it easy for SAR personal to see me through any amount of dense foliage if I get lost.

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