Monday, May 4, 2009

1 week later

So, I'm still working on the 155 race recap.. I want to put up somewhat of a decently worded and organized summary of value. For now I'll explain where my bodies "at".

I ran last Tuesday for a little 2 mi jaunt, then had a swim and PT workout on thursday, then worked friday and saturday with no running. The main problems then were IT bands and a sore right arch.

I had a bug bite that got infected and it really got bad thursday night/friday morning. The bite got really inflamed and started to affect my thigh's movement until I couldn't stand it any more Friday (and I've had a high pain threshold lately) and went to urgent care where I waited for 90 minutes to get a penicillian shot in the butt and some antibiotics.

The bite was real sensitive at work on Saturday and I wasn't sure what I was going to do on Sunday for the 10k I had a free entry in.. I went to bed at 1130, woke up at 6, put a few warm compresses on, and stretched the IT bands before the race.

The gun went off, and my body knew what to do. First mile is 5:50 (in kayanos), 3rd mile in 19:10, 10k finish in 38:37. I actually had prepared myself mentally to accept the possibility of a 42, but I just kept my RPMs right below the redline and ran decently well for a week after a 40 hour run.

I think my body just was hungry for the endorphins, and also the amount of Ragnar Runners that recognized my shirt made me want to look strong.. Got a couple of "HEY! You're that solo runner!" or "yeah, that's the guy that ran the whole relay alone". But after I finished and started walking, my IT bands seized up, so I did pay a little price for the fun I had.

Today the bump hasn't gone down, but it's not affecting my muscles. The one problem with it, is that it's in the way of getting a good roll out for my IT band, so I only ran a mile or so, then did a short PT workout

5 sets:
5 chin-ups
10 dips
20 abs

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