Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 108

15 miles easy along the strand with Peter

hour surf afterwards small surf

This will be a 200+ mile week when all is said and done on Saturday evening/night. I don't feel like I'm not tapering enough though. When I went for my run Saturday night, the super low mileage made the start of the run actually hurt pretty bad. Coming back less than 7 hours later to run 15 more felt fine, and I think this is really where I want to be going into the race. Adjusting everything too much for a "taper" that will last a few hours on the run isn't as productive as staying sharp and starting the race feeling confident in my legs. As for any injuries that I hoped to heal; the decreased mileage hasn't done much for my patella tendonitis other than not aggravate it more. I got the band-aid for that so I'll be alright.

3 nights till the long "day".

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