Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 105

7.1mi Sullivan Ridge with Jimmy:

We started with the group casual conversational pace and started a steady, steap climb up sullivan ridge.. except Jimmy and I did the whole 3/4 mile (400ft gain) to the base of the ridge and then along the ridge gaining another steady 800ft over 3 miles without walking a single step. Somewhat similar to two prize fighters just having an awesome time wailing on each other for 35 minutes straight.

When he came back though, I told Jimmy the descent was his 1) because my carbo-fat loading had upset my stomach and 2) because Jimmy basically does high speed descents that are similar are controlled, chaotic, near-fall sprints down single track ridges.. so I took the fire road, made a download and met up with him to sprint up the last hill to the parking lot.

The trail gods aren't happy that I've been away for so long on the hedonistic roads, and my calfs and ankles were a bit sore, but I promise as soon as RR188 is done.. I'm returning devoutly to the trails.

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