Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 65

39 miles, 5:31, avg HR 131, 3,780 calories

Also, ran 2.5 once I got back to work 30 minutes after the run to make it an even 39

weekly total:83 miles

Woke up at 0230, got in the car at 0245, arrive at 0330, started at 0345.

First 10 miles were a little rough, the night was nearly pitch black dark except for the stars, and I couldn't find my light. Fortunately there was enough light to see the paint on the road, and I was fine. Chilly at 45 degrees, but I was fine. I realized at zuma or about 10 miles, that I was really behind schedule to meet Katie with sunlight just beginning to graze the sky. I picked up the pace and dropped down to about 7:15 for a good few miles. Katie drove past me and I tried to at least get within a couple miles of the meeting place before calling her and agreeing to meet up with her inbetween me and her. We met at about 16.5 miles into my run, and ran 20 miles together. We were both pretty talkative and accidentally forgot to eat/drink/pace ourselves. Her watch clocked up around mid 7's for a good part of our 20 even though we were still talking a ton.

Around 27 I started getting stomach problems because I just had the minimal amount of food left in my stomach, and it was rumbling around like a slim jim. All my bars and sandwiches seemed really unappetizing, but I still tried to get down a few more calories. On the way back I gave up on food, and used the bathroom one last time. I let katie go ahead, and then pushed it for a mile to catch back up, and finished the last 5 miles hungry. I gotta admit, running past 35 on an empty stomach is awful for your legs. I think I had 3 separate "speed" workouts during the run, and finished a little sorer than normal. It was all good in the end though, averaging 8:30 including the bathroom breaks.

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