Wednesday, March 11, 2009


When I talk to most people about my goal to run 177 miles, I usually get gasps, guffaws, or blank stares. Even still, when I try to explain I am just as much a human being as anyone else, I get sarcastic replies like "yeaaaah right" or "ohhhkay". The truth is though, I don't consider myself special or extraordinary. I'm just a guy that set high goals, and found the intrinsic motivation to pursue them. I experience and deal with all the mental and physical pains anyone else would have to deal with. I'm not the best of the best, I have plenty of faults and weaknesses, I do fail sometimes, and I have heroes of my own that I look up to. I don't want to be a celebrity or anything close to one, I'd rather just be a motivation or an inspiration to get others to fight self-doubt or push past pain. If I've talked to you at the shop, in class, or out on the trail about my goals, just try to keep it in perspective. I'm comfortable talking about what I do, and will answer questions about my "sleep running" or my 3am Saturday morning runs, but I'd like to end up talking about the indefatigable power of the human spirit present in all of us. We are all have a warrior alter egos waiting to be let out.

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