Thursday, November 27, 2008

Santa Monica 50k Race Recap

6th - 5:05:45

The race went pretty well.. the course was another notch up in toughness than my first 50k, but i still ran almost the same time: 5:05. I had some really nice new Montrail Highlander's for the first 18k or so, but then they ripped up my pinky toes, so i had to switch out for the Brooks Adrenaline ASR. The stitch around the pinky toe is brutal on downhills, no matter how loose i try to lace up the toe box. I also ran out of water on the 3rd lap and had some bright yellow urine because the aid station attendant messed up my drink mix by adding so much ice that the powder on the top fell out.. but i hung tough and put together a solid decent after the last hill to take 6th place. I really enjoyed the course though, and i gotta admit it probably was one of the most breathtaking places i have ever run, while still being a very runnable course (not toooo many parts where i was forced to walk or anything).. plus there were a couple other races going on and i felt good passing people doing shorter distances on the different loops and out and backs.. made me feel like a decent runner since some people were shocked to see me returning on parts that were 6-7 miles ahead of them. Still I could've worked on my tactics to run even faster for this race. Whenever there are repeating loops, I should run them better the second or third time around.

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