Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 8

Took a few days hoping the achilles would heal, but just went insane.

Walk run up along Temescal for 3 hours (much more walking than running), and things seemed to be alright, but then it got worse on the return, so I walked more than I wanted to.

Game plan: The first time I did a 100 mile week two years ago, I was actually very cautious and diligent in working up to the mileage. But this time around, my training was more erradic, and I am pretty sure the injuries were all due to erradic mileage. I didn't want to be overly committed to making myself run a weekly mileage number, but I realize now that I can't do the big weekly 35's injury free if I haven't trained with at least some milage discipline. I'm going to do the 10-15% mileage gain over the next few weeks and be ready for later November/December races. Hopefully I'll take momentum into the new year wherever I may be running and win some ultras.

This week: 35 miles
Two: 40 miles
Three: 48 miles
Four: 55 miles
Five: 65 miles
Six: 75 miles
Seven: 85 miles
Eight: 95-100
Nine: 110+
Ten: 120+

60 chin-ups
2,4,6 reg
2,4,6 revervse
2,4,6 wide
2,4,6 narrow
2,4,6 mountain climber

100 push-ups

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