Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 100

runnn 30 minutes

1-10 half-pyramid
X1 pull-ups
x1 dips
x2 push-ups
x3 abs

you know you're an UltraRunner if...

Your idea of a fun date is a 30-mile training run.

Your wife tries to introduce you to your three children and you reply "Three?"

You can expound on the virtues of eating salt.

You know the location of every 7-11, public restroom, and water fountain within a 25-mile radius of your house.

You run marathons for speed work.

You visit a national park with your family and notice a thirty-mile trail connecting where you are with the place your family wants to visit next, which is a 100-mile drive away, and you think "Hmmmm"

Someone asks you how long your training run is going to be and you answer "seven or eight ... hours".

Your weekend runs are limited by how much time you have, not by how far you can run.

You really envied Tom Hanks' long run as Forest Gump.

Peeing in the toilet seems unnatural.

Running trail is better then sex. (even if you don't get any)

You know you're an ultrarunner when the races you enter end in a different area code. -and pass through several different Zip codes enroute.

Somebody asks about the distance of an upcoming race and you, without thinking, say, "Oh, it's just a 50K."

Prior to running a difficult race, you check to see if local hospitals and urgent care centers are in your PPO.

those are great.. and so is this blog by young-gun Anton Kupricka 200+ mile weeks.. yowzas.. someday I shall too.

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