Saturday, August 2, 2008

Day 48

-50 miler elevation profile

Mt. Disappointment 50 Miler- 1 week away

looking at a detailed logistic printout of points and elevations, as well as the run down's sardonic race recap of last year's 50k, the core of the race is from miles 34-41 and 45-49. The main key being able to pace myself early on so that I'm sufficiently prepared for the two main climbs. I can handle most hills early in a race, but beyond my previous distance experience of 32 miles, I'm a bit apprehensive at being able to cover a mile at even 15 or 20 minutes.

I know at the very least I can walk in pretty bad shape, however if I injure myself early, become dehydrated, or get too many blisters, I may make completion more difficult. The Sequoia 50k had sufficient shade, oxygen, low temperatures, and was rather forgiving to runners that went out fast.. however Mt. Disappointment has none of those. We'll see what happens.

40 minute run
3x5 5second leg lifts
20 chin-ups

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